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Scholarship Deadline Updates

May Deadline Scholarships

OSU Agricultural Education Scholarship Inc.
May 1, 2013
GPA ≥ 2.75
High School Criteria Graduate of an Oklahoma high school.
College Criteria Agricultural education major at Oklahoma State University.
Other Criteria Must have completed at least 12 credits of college course work in agricultural education.

SHPE Foundation Scholarships
May 1, 2013
The SHPE Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to enhance and achieve the potential of Latino students pursuing degrees in engineering, math and science. Merit-based and need-based scholarships are awarded, in the amount of $1,000 - $5,000, to deserving Latino/a high school graduating seniors, undergraduate students, and graduate students who demonstrate both significant motivation and aptitude for a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees
May 1, 2013
This scholarship is based on leadership and community involvement as well as financial need. Applicant must be of Hispanic background and be an undergraduate or graduate student.

The Eight and Forty Lung & Respiratory Disease Nursing Scholarship Fund
May 15, 2013
The Eight and Forty Lung and Respiratory Disease Nursing Scholarship was established to assist registered nurses with advanced preparation for positions in supervision, administration or teaching. Students must have employment prospects in specific positions in hospitals, clinics or health departments upon completion of their education and the position must have a full-time and direct relationship to pediatric lung and respiratory control.

Positive Choice Award
May 15, 2013
5 Scholarships available.  These scholarships will be awarded in May each year. All students who make the Positive Promise between August 1 and May 15 are eligible for this award. You can even improve your chances of winning by asking your parents to sign the Positive Promise. They should indicate your name as the Student.

The UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program
May 15, 2013
25 one-time scholarships up to $5,000. The UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program™ offers educational scholarships to people living with epilepsy, family members and caregivers who demonstrate academic and personal achievement. Since 2005, UCB has awarded more than one million dollars in scholarships to more than 250 deserving people who have applied their awards to undergraduate and graduate studies.

Black & Lee Scholarship
May 15, 2013
Available are two $500 scholarships.
Requirements include:
Must be between the ages of 15 and 20 on May 15, 2013.
Must be attending a post-secondary institution by the Fall of 2013.

Jason Wagner Foundation
May 30, 2013
At the time of application, an Applicant must: (i) be a resident of the State of Oklahoma; (ii) be attending a public, state-accredited high school that is located in an ACCO-member County in the State of Oklahoma; (iii) be a high school senior in good standing; (iv) be under the age of twenty (20) years old; (v) be fully qualified to graduate from such public high school in the spring of the 2012-2013 academic year; and (vi) have applied and/or be enrolled in an accredited institution for higher learning in the State of Oklahoma.
2. Each Applicant acknowledges and agrees that any and all scholarships awarded by the Foundation

Al’s Formal Wear
May 31, 2013
Offers two $1,000 college scholarships.  Students will submit an essay.  For entry and official rules see website. 

US Bank Scholarship Program
May 31, 2013
Requirements include:
Must be a high school senior planning to enroll in, or a current undergraduate college student at an eligible two- or four-year college or university.
Must be enrolled by September 2013.
Must be a United States citizen or permanent resident alien.

LM Scholarship Program
May 31, 2013
Available is one $1000 scholarship. Currently enrolled or expects to be enrolled in a degree program (2years of length or greater) by September. Additionally, to be eligible a student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and submit an answer to the essay question prior to the submission deadline.

June Deadline Scholarships

Comanche Nation Higher Education Program:
June 1, 2013
Applicant must be enrolled with the Comanche Tribal majoring in engineering and not funded by Tribal, PELL or other Federal Agency.

Rogers Community Volunteer
June 1, 2013
Available is one $500 scholarship. In order to be eligible you must be attending school on a full-time basis during the fall of 2013 and be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at any level. Additionally, you must have contributed a minimum of 10 hours of non-paid, volunteer service within your community during the last 12 months and have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or greater.

CEO of Tomorrow
June 1, 2013
We are awarding a $2,500 scholarship to students interested in business leadership and/or entrepreneurship.

Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma Higher Education Grant Program
June 1, 2013             
Applicant must be certified Delaware tribal member and have financial need.

June 1, 2013
$1000 scholarship. Applicants are to be those majoring in the fields of General, Art, 3D, Graphic Design, or related program fields.

Derek Hughes/NAPSLO Educational Foundation Scholarships
June 1, 2013             
Applicant must be majoring in Actuarial Science, Business, Economics, Finance, Risk Management, or Statistics. Majors must be related to a career in insurance and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Nursing Education Scholarship
June 10, 2013 offers scholarships for those who are applying to nursing or medical education programs or are currently pursuing education and employment in the fields of nursing and medicine.  Every six months, one applicant will be selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship to help with the costs associated with attending medical or nursing school.  Applicants must meet requirements as stated on application and should submit an essay between 500 and 1000 words discussing what they would like to accomplish in the medical field during their career.

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship
June 14, 2013
The A&F Scholarships are available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post-secondary institution. To apply for this scholarship you will need to write an essay on the topic below. The essay should be between 500 and 1000 words. Your submissions must be sent to us by email at:
Essay Question:
What have you done outside the classroom that demonstrates qualities sought after by the post-secondary institution that you are hoping to attend? Also, which of these qualities means the most to you?

AISES Intel Scholarship
June 14, 2013
The AISES Intel Scholarship will fund scholarship awards to American Indian/Alaska Native AISES members pursuing degrees in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Scholarship amounts are as follows:
$5,000 for undergraduates per academic year;
$10,000 for graduate students per academic year.
Requirements include:
Must have a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average (GPA).
Must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited four year college/university, or a full-time student at a two year college enrolled in a program leading to an academic degree during the award year (including incoming freshman).
Must be majoring in one of the following college disciplines:
_ Computer Science _ Computer Engineering _ Electrical Engineering
*students majoring in Chemical Engineering and Material Science will also be considered.
Must be a member of an American Indian tribe, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or otherwise considered to be an American Indian by the tribe with which affiliation is claimed; or is at least 1/4 American Indian blood; or is at least 1/4 Alaskan Native; or considered to be an Alaskan Native by an Alaskan Native group to which affiliation is claimed.
Must be a current member of AISES.

US Direct
June 15, 2013
Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident of the United States and may not be an associate (employee) of any division of US Direct.  Instagram Contest. $1,000

Virgil and Pauline Jackson Scholarship  Fund for Langston University
June 15, 2013
GPA ≥ 2.5
Written Requirements Essay College Criteria Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma
Other Criteria Eligible applicants must be education majors at Langston.
Preference is given to students who are employed.

The Big Sun Athletic Scholarship
June 21, 2013
All student athletes are eligible for this award of $500. 

BBG Communications
June 30, 2013
The BBG Communications scholarship is designed for students between the ages of 16 and 21 who are currently in or will be attending an institution of higher education in the Fall of 2013.         

Lift Parts Express Scholarship
June 30, 2013
Available is one $1000 scholarship. To be eligible, you must be a current senior in High School or a freshman or sophomore in College/University. Be a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada. Enrolled or expected to be enrolled by the Fall of  2013.

July Deadline Scholarships

Women in Defense Horizon Scholarship
July 1, 2013
Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible; undergraduates must have attained at least junior level status (60 credits).
Requirements include:
Must be currently enrolled at an accredited university or college, either full-time or part- time.
Must demonstrate interest in pursuing a career related to national security or defense.  Preferred fields of study: security studies, military history, government relations, engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, or business.
Must demonstrate financial need.
Must have a minimum grade point average of 3.25.
Must be a woman.
Must be a citizen of the United States.

Mortgage Refinance Construction & Engineering Scholarship
July 12, 2013
$1000 Scholarship for applicants who are currently enrolled in an engineering, construction, or architecture related field and who are pursuing education in these respectable areas.

American Legion Baseball Scholarship
July 15, 2013
Any Team Manager or Head Coach of an American Legion (Post – affiliated) team may nominate a player for consideration of his award. The scholarship application, letters of recommendation and certification form must be completed, postmarked and mailed to the Department Headquarters no later than July 15, 2013.

American Association of State Troopers
July 31, 2013
The American Association of State Troopers (AAST) Scholarship is open to students who are the children of AAST members. Your parent must have been a member of AAST for at least one year prior to the July 31 deadline for you to be eligible for this award. You must have at least a 2.5 GPA and submit an essay.

August Deadline Scholarships

Chiropractor Education Scholarship Program
August 16, 2013
The purpose of the Chiropractic Education Scholarship Program is to assist residents of the state of
Oklahoma who are pursuing the study of chiropractic at accredited out-of-state schools.
Requirements include:
Must be a resident of Oklahoma for at least five years prior to the date of application.
Must be enrolled in or have been accepted to an accredited chiropractic school.
Must maintain a 3.00 cumulative grade point average if awarded this scholarship
(The cumulative grade-point average will be determined after the summer trimester for fall
scholarship eligibility, and after the fall trimester for spring scholarship eligibility
Awardees who fail to meet the 3.00 cumulative grade point average requirements will be removed).***ADDEAB9BD720DF04E8B39B6B94D07D3A

August 31, 2013
Applicant must be majoring in Actuarial Science, Business, Economics, Finance, Risk Management, or Statistics. Majors must be related to a career in insurance and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Various Deadline Scholarships

American Indian Students
Here are some scholarship opportunities for Native American Students!  

Students with Learning Disabilities
5 Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities.

Culinary Scholarships
Are you planning to attend a culinary school? If so, check out these scholarships!

McNair Scholars Program
Scholarship program is designed to prepare students for careers as graduate students, professors or professional researchers. Must be full time student, with 42 hours or more completed, 3.0 GPA & first generation college student or student from an underrepresented ethnic group.

OCCC ACT NOW Scholarship
The ACT NOW scholarship is offered as an automatic merit-based tuition waiver program for the 2013 graduating class of high school students. The waiver amounts are based on the student’s composite score on the national ACT. Students who score a 21 are eligible for a $500 tuition waiver. Scores of 22 – 23 receive a $750 waiver and scores of 24-26 will receive a $1000 waiver. Students with exceptional scores a 27 or higher will receive a $1500 waiver. All waivers are per semester; freshman year only.

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