Wednesday, April 17, 2013

End of Instruction Exams

Students and Parents,

End of Instruction exams are being administered on a daily basis.  The very good news is that the students are doing extremely well and giving their best efforts.  Many teachers have made the comment that they have never seen a better effort from our students.

I want to encourage parents to continue to support your child in his/her effort to perform well.  Help remind your child to get a solid 8 hours of sleep and to eat breakfast the day of the exam.  Also, please remind him/her that these exams are very important and that graduation requirements are tied to them.

Students, please continue to give your very best efforts while taking your EOIs.  You all have done a very good job so far, but it's not over.  There are still exams to be taken and you may be wearing down a bit.  Remind yourself that you are prepared;  you will do your best;  you will be successful.  

I look forward to sharing the results with everyone and celebrating the success!

Go Bulldogs!!!

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