Thursday, January 17, 2013

University of Arkansas Newsletter

Important Deadlines
-Final Scholarship Deadline is February 1. Please encourage your students to get their admissions applications in as soon as possible ( They will then receive an e-mail with the scholarship application, and that MUST be submitted by February 1 for consideration. Students can continue to apply for admission until August 1, but they will not be considered for scholarships.
-The Arkansas Alumni Association has many extra scholarships students can apply for. They do not have to have family members that graduated from Arkansas to be eligible to apply. Their deadline is also February 1. Students can find the application at
-If you have any students who are National Merit Semi-Finalists/ Finalists and who are interested in Arkansas, please feel free to give them my contact information as some of our scholarship information has changed for these students!
-The Housing and Orientation sign-up is now live for any students who have been accepted. The earlier they get this in, the better choices they will have! The roommate profiler will be coming online sometime next month for any students that need to find roommates. Feel free to pass along any questions about this to me!

Non Resident Tuition Waivers:
-Please remember, we offer a Non-Resident Tuition Award for Oklahoma residents. This award waives 80% of the non-resident portion of tuition if a student has a 24 (superscored) ACT AND a 3.25 GPA. The award will waive 90% of the non-resident portion of tuition if a student has a 26 (superscored) ACT AND a 3.6 GPA. This award is something that students can work on all year of their senior year; they do not have to have the GPA and ACT at this point in time. They may go ahead and apply for admission, and if they end up meeting these criteria before coming to campus as a student this fall, we will give them the award.
-We also have a 100% waiver of the Non-Resident portion of tuition for any students who have a Tribal/CDIB card from one of the tribes listed at this website These students will just need to meet admission requirements and submit a copy of their card with their application in order to get the waiver.
-We also will waive up to 90% of the Non-Resident Tuition portion if a student has a close family member who graduated from the U of A. Information on this can be found here:
Thanks for all that you do, and GO HOGS!

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